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Mārtiņš Dāboliņš

Audio-Visual Artist

Martins Dabolins is following his passion – audio-visual art. For almost a second decade, Martins Dabolins has been providing interactive video scenography for corporate events, concerts, and performances. In his work Martins Dabolins uses the latest available technologies, experimenting with them to find new directions and offer innovative solutions to clients. Martins Dabolins is the author and mentor of countless mapping and art installation projects (including installations at Staro Riga and White Nights).
In the last few years, Martins Dabolins has collaborated with many artists & musicians in different genres. This is where He feels the happiest! Some collaborations: Rachel Claudio (Australia), Vestads Šimkus (Latvia), Jachin Pousson (USA), Rick Feds (Latvia), Liene Grava (Latvia), band Astro’n’out (Latvia), and others.
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Working with the Clients

If You have an idea - together we will find the right solution for You. Martins Dabolins is open to being part of Your project or creating something individual for Your business.
Martins Dabolins have great experience in situations when clients want something, but they don't know exactly what. In these cases, a creative solution or setting budget limits can point to the best available solutions.
Martins Dabolins have experience working as an individual or in a team. For large projects, Martins Dabolins are co-working with different industry leaders in dance, sound production, live streaming, graphic design, print, handcraft, low-level web server solutions, etc.
For more than 15 years Martins Dabolins were been working in the entertainment industry, developing interactive solutions in videography, e.g., interactive video mappings on buildings, cars, dancers, screens, and walls, developing games, mobile apps, and desktop software, developing plug-ins for video processing applications like Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro, etc. Martins Dabolins is a senior in industry-standard game engine Unreal Engine. For more than 10 years, Martins Dabolins has been creating interactive experiences in UE4. Martins Dabolin's experience is vast in AR, XR content creation, 3D object, 3D animation, CG and 3D character creation, rigging, animation, material creation, UV map unfolding, morph targeting, data manipulation - conversation, Procedural, Generative, Parametric content creation, UI design, and binding. In the last decade, the integration of different Machine Learning models and AI algorithms has been used in projects to sort, track, analyze, predict, segment, and generate visual content for my own and my Client's projects.
Martins Dabolins is excited to work on a large-scale, innovative, and interactive content creation. Martins Dabolins believes: interaction is one of the deepest emotional binding tools that can help engage with the audience.

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